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The longstanding trust and satisfaction of our customers is what drives us to offer innovative services that trully facilitate the entire work cycle for the printing of your business documents. We have developed printapps for the contemporary printing of business cards and documents of corporate identity.

The Business Card Printapp makes the reliable printing of many different cards a piece of cake.

The Corporate Identity printapp facilitates all companies that wish to centrally and with great flexibility manage all documents regarding their visual identity.

For years we have worked with many Greek and multinational companies of high expectations and undertaken the task of printing their business cards. As a result, we have had the chance to study and analyse a big number of orders and have reached valuable conclusions that we would like to share.

With the traditional production method, the customer was offered an affordable solution involving printing packages. It could be an order ranging from 1to 5 names, 6 to 10, more than 10, and so on.

An order of big volume is definitely financially tempting but how often is it that the customer actually benefits?


We, the staff of Typografisa, offering the prospect of ordering even a single card, have come to the following conclusion:

Almost 50% of orders contain a single name. The 1 to 5 names range would be unaffordable or would cause delays because of the wait to gather the total 5 names.
Even the range of 1 to 3 names could lead to almost doubling the charge for printing.

Secure Transactions
You enter the application using your email and password.
We adapt the working environment to your own visual identity.
Easy to use
You promptly track your printing material since classification and filing are carried out the way that suits you best.
You can order the exact amount of printing material you need at an agreed price.
You can promptly track the characteristics of each document. You review and correct that data in real time.
All records are archived and saved in case of reprinting.
Order completion
You attach comments and submit your order.

Prompt reprint
Easy tracking through a large number of names for a reprint within minutes.

Record of orders
You have a full picture of your orders based on date, kind, quantity, and price.
Collaborative management
You can entitle your associates to access documents that relate to their duties and submit orders directly or after you electronically approve.

delivery Confirmation
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