vertical integration of production

The highly trained and constantly developing staff of our company ensures increased productivity, products of excellent quality, and optimal implementation of each production with the goal of remaining within deadlines. The internal teams are organized in such a way that complete solutions can be offered and ensured for every customer.

Commercial Department

The commercial department of Typografisa is responsible for the development and promotion of our sales. The highly skilled team that supports our existing customers and approaches prospective new clients review their needs and promote the ideal and most affordable solution to meet their demands.

With the aim of maintaining relationships of mutual trust with the clients and that of further enlargement and upgrading of customer base of the company, the department analyzes sizes and shares, as well as organises and processes market research.

It consists of highly qualified executives (with the know-how it makes it stand out) to provide every possible solution to our customers.

Creative Department

We see the needs of customers from a unique angle. With the contribution of the most reliable and professional designing programmes, we set the foundations for the production of well-structured and elegant brochures. We suggest and implement. We offer well-rounded solutions for the most demanding tasks, such as:

– Logo Design
– Creation and implementation of Corporate and Product Identity
– Brand Communication Strategy
– Packaging Design
– Brochure and Catalogue Design
– Web Design and Development

Prepress Department

The task of the department is to supply printing machinery with quality checked printing plates in due time. Pre-printing is done using CTP technology with no chemical waste; editing and digital proofing are also provided.

Offset Printing Department

The Offset Printing Department has duties which include the printing of::

– Invoices
– Envelopes of any kind
– Flyers (two-fold, three-fold etc)
– Accounting blocks
– Punch-cards

Digital Printing Department

This department has the task of printing:
– Business Cards
– Small printrun brochures\ flyers
– Packaging labels
– Well-rounded Direct Mail Applications
– Special numbering of cheques-coupons
– Gift-cards, Gift-coupons
– Gift-cards, Gift-coupons, large surface printings with engravings ( banners, roll-ups, vinyl stickers etc).

Book Production Department

We have all the software needed which is associated with page numbering and editing of texts and photos received even through scanning, for a thorough preprint control.

Internal printing (body)
Through the use of two modern Océ Varioprint 6250 machines, the only ones with printing accuracy when printing the same material on both sides of a document, we can produce 520 A4 pages of all types of paper weight in just one minute.
The Prisma Prepare special software separates colored pages from black and white ones without adding to the book value because of the cost of printing and insetting

Cover Printing
We have state-of-the-art technology as regards digital printing:
1. through the use of Canon C7011VP (installation, January 2016) we can produce as many as 1,000,000 sheets per month.
2. with the installation of Ricoh 7100 SX, in September 2016, the extra features offered are:
• Printing on paper up to 70 cm long for rather “big ears” (τι εννοείς μεγάλα αυτιά? δε μου αρέσει το big ears αλλά δεν ξέρω σε τι αναφέρεται ο όρος)
• White color printing on colored paper or stickers
• Printing on particularly difficult to manage types of paper
• Printing on envelopes with variable recipient data
• Printing on special materials

Binding with Duplo UltraBIND 6000 state-of-the-art machine for paper sheets coming from a digital printing machine. The closed circuit PUR adhesive used can bind together all types of paper. This offers us the potential to produce up to 300 250-paged books per hour.
For books that comprise just a few sheets, up to 70 pages, we offer the option of saddle-stitching.

Additional Editing
Our equipment offers us the options of lamination, crepe paper, gold print and special paper form.

Delivery Time
Delivery is done in your premises even within 3 business days starting from the day we receive the electronic file.


Post-printing work is anything done after printing: Bleeds, UV protective varnish, trimmarks, molds, embossed material, grain embossed material, pastes, lamination, and packaging.
We can take on projects of any kind, from the simplest to the most demanding composite ones.